Diffraction Glasses

Diffraction Glasses

£11.99 £5.70 £5.00 £4.70
49Units 499Units 1900Units 4000Units


AM Clean Sound - Stylus Cleaner

AM Clean Sound - Stylus Cleaner

£9.83 £5.00 £3.45 £3.25
19Units 49Units 57Units 65Units


Star Wars Light Switch Vinyl

Star Wars Light Switch Vinyl

£1.89 £0.93 £0.56 £0.40
25Units 75Units 100Units 200Units


SpongeBob Squarepants Meme Stickers

SpongeBob Squarepants Meme Stickers

£13.50 £5.00 £2.50 £1.50
19Units 99Units 299Units 500Units

How it Works


With multiple businesses buying the same product as you.


With other group buyers in a campaign through the messages tab, and share on social media.

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Money together by collectively reaching discounted wholesale quantities.

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Fratsy has established a community of likeminded online resellers, ecommerce store owners, and wholesalers wanting to buy the same product.


All our wholesale group-buys feature top selling branded products. These high performing items are carefully selected to follow Amazon reseller requirements.

Why buy with Fratsy?

We have a large network of resellers already advancing from our Group-buys. This empowers new members of the Group-Buy to reach higher profit margins.

We remove the restriction of minimum order quantities So no costly bulk purchases and storage costs.

Our dedicated team has dozens of years’ experience in sourcing and reselling. shows in the fantastic products we work with.

We are whole-heartedly committed to our community. Providing excellent customer service from our U.K. based team.

We only list branded licensed products. Whether you are looking for wholesale games, merchandise, or toys. They will all be genuine.

The Fratsy Social Mission

This is a new movement in the fight against big businesses repressing individuals and small businesses from competing with their selling prices.

Large businesses can afford to set their price’s unbelievably low, making it harder for everyone else to compete in the market. Large businesses bulk buy to surpass minimum order quantities and reach economies of scale prices.

We’re here to help with that … Fratsy is the first ever company to join group buying specifically for resellers like you!

Fratsy creates new opportunities for SME’s and online resellers who would have otherwise struggled to enter the market due to high upfront costs.

Success for us is marked by every single person who joins our community, as together we have a stronger foot hold to compete against large and established businesses.

We encourage our members to join forces through the ‘Share it. Profit’ scheme, providing stability, empowerment and equality.

share it, profit it

A key part of Fratsy’s vision is the ‘Share it. Profit’ scheme. Supplier and buyers can share a Group Buy campaign via social media to affiliate a larger audience and increase economies of scale. This is a great way to support the Fratsy movement.

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Accepted products will become available for you to group buy with other resellers.


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