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With multiple businesses buying the same product as you.


With other buyers using our group chat and share your purchase on social media.

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Money together by reaching wholesale order quantities.

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Fratsy establishes communities of likeminded business people wanting to buy the same products. You may be a sole-trader, part-time dealer, small or medium business.


This platform is shaped, owned and guided by you and your community, saving you the most money on products instrumental to your business success.

Why buy with Fratsy?

FRATSY HELPS YOU ACHIEVE PREVIOUSLY UNREACHABLE WHOLESALE PRICES Scale your business at a faster rate by increasing profit margins

FRATSY REMOVES THE NEED FOR MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITIES So no costly bulk purchases and storage costs.

FRATSY ONLY LIST APPROVED SUPPLIERS All products will be verified and approved.

The Fratsy Story

For decades trade has been controlled by big businesses who will only reduce their prices if you place massive orders – It’s time for change.

Fratsy was designed by three small business owners who grew fed up of not being able to compete with big businesses and their low costs.

They came up with the idea of a social marketplace specifically designed for businesses, where buyers and sellers can connect and communicate, creating an online community.

Think of Fratsy as your go-to place to make relatively small orders but still get the best price – It’s everything you need to buy, discover and sell in one place!

You know best

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