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How to decide what wholesale price brackets to list when selling on Fratsy?

It’s no secret that setting the right price can sometimes be the difference between success and failure… That is no less true with selling your products on Fratsy.

The Fratsy marketplace is used exclusively by the B2B community, and Amazon/Ebay and other ecommerce resellers. With this in mind, we have come up with some helpful tips in order to maximise your sales;

  1. Establish the True cost of producing each unit to get an accurate representation of the minimum price you can sell each unit for.
  2. Once the consumer price has been set, this is often the best price to use for the first price drop.
  3. Price drop 2 and 3 should be a proportionate decrease in order to justify the more units sold.
  4. The last price drop (4) should be set at a price lower than normal Trade Price (price sold to other businesses). This is to increase interest in the product to get to the lowest price, and the most units sold.

The more units sold benefits both the supplier and the resellers. The supplier can benefit from an increase in units sold, and resellers are able to stock new products with less risk.

Typical supplier on Fratsy;

  • wholesalers looking to sell to the B2B market
  • Businesses looking to sell surplus stock efficiently
  • Businesses looking to increase their customer base

Typical buyers on Fratsy;

  • Amazon/Ebay and other ecommerce resellers
  • SME businesses
  • Businesses looking to increase their product range with less risk

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