Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you choose what products to resell?

Due to the growing demand in products to resell on Amazon and other similar sites, we understand the importance of displaying products that have good ratings and reviews, and good “Best Sellers Rankings” (BSR) Best Sellers Rankings are indicators of how fast the product sells in relation to all products on the site (i.e. on Amazon).

There are different ‘rules of thumb’ for different products and the best sellers rankings to aim for when sourcing.

As a guideline, we recommend Amazon resellers to aim for:

  • Toys, Technology, Health and Beauty products etc. – less than 40,000 BSR
  • Books and Textbooks – less than 200,000 BSR

How do I request a product on Fratsy?

Requesting a product is very popular with our reseller community. If you are interested in joining a group buy campaign, but can’t find the product on Fratsy, simply upload the product URL (from any site that currently sells it), and the Fratsy team will source and negotiate a group buy deal.

Why do we need the URL? - By providing the product URL it ensures that we get the correct product details. Where lots of products have different models and specs, there is more opportunity for the wrong information to be submitted if we only have a product name to go off.

After you have submitted a product URL, we also advise getting in touch via email, to highlight any extra detail (for example – how many units you are looking for, a target price, lead times, colour and specs).

What if I already have a regular supplier?

We still recommend submitting a URL product request, along with your supplier information and prices.

A group buy campaign will join your regular orders with other businesses, to increase the overall order size – allowing all group buyers to benefit from reduced wholesale prices.

By having larger orders, we are in a better position to negotiate directly with the supplier or manufacturer.

Do products purchased come with a warranty?

This differs with product lines and with individual manufacturers/suppliers. As the products come directly from the manufacturer or supplier, we can only offer a warranty if this is a service that the manufacturer already offers.

Why do I have to register an account?

In order to buy from Fratsy you need to have an account registered. This is to ensure that you are a registered business, retailer or re-seller. Fratsy is only available for the Business – to Business market, and we offer trade prices that aren’t available for individual consumers.

How do campaigns work?

Campaigns can either be requested directly from the buyer, or the supplier/manufacturer can list their products for sale on Fratsy. When the campaign has been approved by a Fratsy team member (this is to ensure that the product is genuine, and to get in touch with the supplier to ensure prices etc. are all correct), it will then go live on the site.

Campaigns go live for a specified time period, in order for the maximum number of buyers to join the campaign – average of 2 and a half weeks.

The suppliers will decide on 4 ‘price drops’ – the price will decrease depending on the quantity ordered.

Once the campaign has ended, all the buyers in the group will receive the lowest price that was ‘unlocked’.

Fratsy will get in touch with the supplier directly to confirm the final order amount.

We will then take payment from the buyers in the group, and will pay the supplier for the order.

The shipments will be posted directly to the buyers from the suppliers website, or from Fratsy’s distribution warehouse.

What happens if only 1 buyer joins a campaign?

If no more than one buyer joins the campaign before the listing ends, the buyer has the option to cancel the order or proceed to buy it.

Fratsy will refund you the payment in full; so don’t worry about being the first buyer to join a campaign.

Upon request, this campaign can be re-listed if you would like to try to group more buyers to the campaign.

Share the campaign on social media and your community platforms to increase buyers joining the campaign.

Is there a minimum spend per order?

As we work with businesses and resellers, and not the general public, there is a minimum spend of £25 per order. If an order is bought that is less than £25, then a £15 surcharge will be added to the overall price.

Accepted Payment methods?

Fratsy accepts payments made via:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal

International community members: Your credit or debit card must accept Pound Sterling (£) based transactions to allow the payment to go through.

Promotion codes

Fratsy does regularly provide promotion codes for new and existing customers.

(N.B. if the promotion code reduces the overall spend on the order to less than £25, then the surcharge does still apply) Please note that promotion codes may have expiry dates, and can’t be-issued or used if outside the expiry date.

What happens if there is a problem with a product and I wish to return it?

Fratsy doesn’t have it’s own return policy. Returns are dealt directly with the supplier or manufacturer. We can communicate with them on your behalf, but final decisions do depend on the supplier/manufacturers individual returns policy.

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