Fratsy thrives to empower and help online sellers grow and succeed. We have a fully funded program that offers small buisnesses the opportunity to scale their online businesses.

£1,000+ of funding with a relaxed vetting process

Extreme vetting from other investment firms provide bias opportunity for big businesses, separating small businesses from fast growth.

We break down the walls of capitalism and empower startups striving to grow.

By removing risk in participants investment options, we require low income requirements. We do however provide free advice.

Other online seller investment companies only fund companies with a monthly income of £10,000 per month!

We have come up with a way to reduce risk which enables a higher success rate of funding online sellers.

This is done by offering online sellers wholesale stock instead of cash.

This prevents buying slow selling stock with low profit margins.

We work hard continuously source amazon best seller products at reduced wholesale prices, thanks to Fratsy group-buying.

Once your approved, you will be able to choose inventory from our group-buy page with the investment package.

How it works?

  1. Looking for capital investment? Register your interest in our ‘Incubator Program’
  2. One of our advisors will be in touch to go through the vetting process
  3. Once approved – receive capital invest direct to your account (capital amount dependant on your turnover)
  4. Start doing what you do best!

Why use Fratsy for investment?

  • No personal guarantees with your house or car as collateral
  • No lengthy bank loan applications
  • No pitching for funding
  • No asking friends and family for capital investment
  • Receive funding in days rather than weeks or months

Extra way Fratsy’s Incubator Program can help?

As well as helping provide capital investment, we can also help with product sourcing by:

  • Our team consistently sources for new products that are selling well on Amazon
  • We negotiate wholesale prices with the suppliers, and sell direct via the Fratsy website
  • Join up with other Resellers and benefit from even larger orders with ‘Group Buying’

The Fratsy Promise

  1. To always sell genuine products
  2. To only sell products with a good Best Selling Ranking (at time of purchase).


Q: Where do funding go within the incubator?

A: 100% of funds go in to the reseller inventory

Q: how long until I get my investment and profit?

A: You will receive your funds 12 months after your investment date

(You will receive quarterly performance results and metrics)

A How long will I receive funds for?

Q: you will receive a one off payment after 2 months, from your initial investment.

A can I invest more than once.

Q Yes. Although every individual investment will be calculated separately and

Is the investment sustainable?

Q: Yes, the footprint of the products we source consider the amount of plastic and where it is manufactured.


To qualify for inventory investment, you will have to submit the application and be approved.

Before applying please make sure you match the checklist below:

  • You have been reselling online for over 1 year
  • Have a company account
  • Have positive seller reviews
  • Have a good credit rating

If you match the above, then please submit a 10 minute video of yourself addressing these points below:

  • Your history of reselling and your  current turn over
  • What is your reseller passion?
  • Hours per week stent reselling
  • No. of years reselling
  • Types of products you sell
  • What platforms you sell on
  • Feedback ratings
  • Supplier and consumer reference
  • LTD registration no. (if possible)


By submitting the form you agree for us to action a credit check on you and follow up your references.

Completion can take up to two weeks and T&C’s will be sent to you for signing on successful completion.


  • Up to 10% of invested amount returned in 'investor profit' For example - for every £1,500 invested - expected return of £150 profit.
  • Profit is expected and not guaranteed. Like all investments, embarked upon at your own risk and investment can be losses.
  • We will conduct a legal due diligence investigation on the Business, the Company, its respective directors, officers, representatives, and/or any other persons that we believe should be subject to such due diligence.
  • At any given time, we may approve and post new investor campaigns of any number of businesses, including other businesses that are similar to or competitive with the Business, and the fact that we approve and post such campaigns may mean that some investors choose to invest.
  • Once monies is invested there is no opportunity to break contract and recoup monies until the agreed end date. This is due to the work undertaken and the investment being used to purchase physical stock.
  • No variation of these Ts & Cs shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by each of you and us.
  • All investment activities take place within the United Kingdom, and any person resident outside the United Kingdom should ensure that they are not subject to any local regulations before investing.

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