How it works?

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How it works 1

2. Decide which investment tier to invest in.

How it works 2

3. At the end of the investment term receive your capital and any profit.

How it works 3

Investment Tiers available

Tier Investment ROI per annum
1 £1,000 6%
2 £3,500 8%
3 £5,000 10%

An excellent and novel way of diversifying your investment portfolio

Share the success of Amazon resellers, with no:

  • Sourcing products
  • Dealing with suppliers
  • Negotiating contracts and terms
  • Money and time spent on building a brand
  • Customer service
  • Managing logistics
  • Packaging / shipping / customer returns

With our investment opportunity, simply invest in Fratsy Approved Amazon Resellers who have proven selling experience and already have successful relationships with different brands.

Why invest through Fratsy?

  1. We have a network of Amazon Resellers who are always looking for extra funding and capital to increase their inventory and scale their businesses.
  2. We have a thorough vetting process which means your money is always invested in experienced Resellers, meaning more security for your investment.
  3. Your investment will join a ‘index’ of other investments that are then shared out to online sellers. Similar to a typical investment fund, this means your investment is split between a number of different ‘businesses’ – increasing the chance of a higher return.

The Investment Life Cycle

Investment Life Cycle

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